Lettering Pricing and More info

Lettering Type Styles
Custom Lettering Details and Pricing
Mid Chest or Upper Back Name
  Word(s) will be approx. 2-3" high and up to 14" long (10" on youth) and made to fit on narrow garments like basketball tanks. 
Name with Baseball Tail
  A traditional baseball tail is added to the end of the last letter. We will size and hand fit the artwork to fit across the seam and accommodate for buttons and braiding. 
Front Left Chest Initial
A single 3-4" initial will be added to the left chest area.
Front Left or Right Chest or Torso
  Numbers will be 3-4" high depending on the size of the garment.  2 number maximum.
Full Back Number
  Numbers will be 6-8" high depending on the size of the garment, other placement options and type of sport.  2 number maximum.
Mid Arched Name
Add $3.00
  Available on front or back name. Name will be arched up 22%. Not available if using a baseball tail.
Outlined Name and or number.
Add $2-10
  A 3/16" - 1/4" outline is added to selected items on the jersey. Pricing is double the base price. For example - if you want a Mid Chest Name outlined, then the price would be $8.00
Frequently Asked Questions 
Q. How is the printing applied?   A. The lettering is computer cad-cut out of vinyl film then heat and pressure applied for a durable long lasting bond.  The lettering is completed with a matte finish (non-shiny) for a classic printed look.
Q. Is the lettering ironed on? How long will it last?   A. This isn't like the old ironed on lettering of days past.  The lettering and numbers are made from a ultra -thin and durable vinyl.  This new material can be printed on any color fabric and remain sharp and bright.
Q. Do you do sewn on letters/numbers?   A. Sewn on lettering and numbering is called tackle twill.  This requires additional labor and materials that we don't supply.  Some uniform companies do offer this at a hefty premium and with minimum order requirements. Our goal is to offer easy-design with the best quality for the price.
Q. Do you do embroidery?   A. The only embroidery we offer is monogrammed garments - left chest or right chest in your choice of colors -- see Sportshirts link for more info.  We also offer heat-sealed embroidery for baseball caps. You can select up to 3 pre-embroidered letters in 1 or 2 colors that is heat/pressure applied to a cap or hat.  This has the look and feel of embroidery without the setup cost.
Q. How long does it take?   A. Generally customized garments are produced and shipped within a 1-2 week window.  
Q. Do you have minimum order requirements?   A. No, not at all. You may order any quantity of garments and mix & match any combination of products and services that can be ordered online.  We do have a setup fee of $35 for custom options that are not available online with less than 12 pieces. 
Q. What will my final product look like?   A. The final product will resemble screen-printed printing but will be crisp and sharp.
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