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Successful Techniques for Great Looking Custom Jerseys


It's a Black and White thing.

When you design your jersey make sure you have enough difference between either the design color or the color of the jersey and the color of the lettering. Many team colors are on the darker side. Colors like uniform navy, forest green and maroon do not look good with black outlines or dark jerseys. White outlines generally look great and set your lettering apart but care should be taken when pairing with ligher colors like columbia blue, yellow and pink. Bolder larger fonts will still work nicely and have a softer look but finer detail and busy fonts may be difficult to read.

football jersey black with gold and white lettering

Light Colored Lettering like gold on white can be difficult to read.

Mason Patriots Baseball Jersey with Black Piping

Dark colored lettering like Dark Green with Black outlines may be difficult to read


Be Complementary

Most people know that black and white are the most opposite but colors also have opposites. Meaning they are furthest apart on the color wheel. These are called complementary colors - On the opposite side of yellow is purple, opposite of blue is orange and the opposite side of red is green. Throughout history, variations complementary colors have been used to represent significant events - red and green for Christmas, pink and blue for boys and girls and they also make great team colors. Purple and yellow for the Vikings, Teal and orange for the Dolphins. You don't have to use the direct opposite but when you're picking your team colors, thinking about colors relationship to each other is a good place to start.

 Color Wheel

Primary Colors are red, yellow and blue. Secondary colors -- Purple and Yellow, Orange and Teal, Red and Green figure prominently in team and other important color schemes.

 hornets custom football jersey purple and gold fan wear team name in problock

Purple and Yellow has a great look for effective team uniform color scheme.


The Bold and the Beautiful.

There are many fonts to choose from and they are not all created equal. When using a font that you want to be seen from 50 feet away choose one that has a bolder and thicker body. Also avoid ALL CAPITAL LETTERS when using script or fancy fonts like Baseball Script or Old English. These fonts can become difficult to read in all caps. The longer the message the more difficult to read.

 old english with outlines on cheer shell

Camels - Is difficult to see in Old english font

 purple old english lettering on referee jersey

Though the outline here is slightly better, this is still difficult to read.


Make it Stand Out.

Outlining your lettering is an excellent way to make your message stand out. This is especially true with pinstriped jerseys and referee jerseys.  This is especially true when you are using a color to match the pinstripes for example navy blue lettering with navy blue pinstripes and with a smaller and longer font. The words can blend into and get lost in the pinstripes. So make it jump out by outlining it in white or grey for dark colors and black or red for light colors.

 chefboyz with tail on pinistriped jersey

Note how not only all upper case script font but the navy blue pinstripes obscure the legibility as well.

 Alfred Music with outlines on pinstriped jersey

The outline on the alfred Music logo makes the artwork pop out. Numbers are easier to read because of the boldness but outlining everything makes for a nice uniform look.


The Cutting Edge.

With new technology you can put just about any image you want on a jersey for minimal cost. The two most common methods that don't require a lot of setup, minimum order requirements and cost are cad cut vinyl and cad cut digital imprinted film.

With cad cut film you have a variety of colors of film to choose from. This works great for 1-3 color designs. Images that are relatively simple without a lot of detail work great. You can acheive professional results using stock images, your own logo or custom design with minimal effort or knowledge of design.

Cad cut digital imprinted film works best for more than 3 colors or full color photographic images. You will need to find the best, clearest image that you can.  Special design software can help convert images to be used but the end result is only as good as the original artwork. Don't expect a tiny 1 inch image to enlarge to a full chest size logo and look good.


Northwestern University custom soccer jerseys

Simple and effective for fairly complex designs. Cad Cut vinyl comes in a variety of colors and materials for just about any use.

 mccartney-fans-on-the-run-concert-jersey football jersey


Cad Cut Digital imprinting can give an stunning impact with no limit to color. You will need to keep in mind that a cutline will need to be provided and minimal use of knock outs are allowed. These both use a combination of regular single color vinyl for the names combined with digital imprint for the artwork.


Knock it out.

Have a long team name but you don't want to squish it all on one line?  Have part of the name "knocked out of the tail. There is no extra charge for this. The knock out font is generally problock or varsity and can be used with or without an outline. If used with an outline the color will be the color of the outline. If used without the color will be the color of the shirt.

 custom-illinois-innocence-project-baseball-jersey corporate event promo charity

Simply put - the name is cut out of the tail portion. Since this is a one color logo the color of the lettering is the shirt underneath.

 mt rainier mesh baseball jersey with tail

If a two color logo is used then the knock out color will be the background or outline color.


Ask for a proof.

The design tool is there to provide a close representation of how your final product will look but it in no means will serve as an exact copy. This is especially true when using custom artwork like a baseball tail. The tails are displayed in one size but the length of your message will obviously vary.   Your name will be custom fitted to match the tail for the best look by a designer with a trained eye. Emphasis will be on


Online design tools provide a basic idea of placement and provide a visual tool to check colors, fonts and spelling but do not show the end result.

 custom two color team name with tail in orange and black on black pinstriped 1751p jersey

Shown here the tail is joined with the end of the name, enlarged to fit and the outlines are all standardized to create the professional look.



The best design is the simplest design. Think about the Nike swoosh, New York Yankees, Green Bay Packers, Toronto Maple Leafs. These are logos and logo marks that stand the test of time. They convey the message without a lot of hoopla.  

 blue devils custom logo on full button baseball jersey

A simple supplied mascot graphic and some text create a fun and effective baseball jersey.


Two graphic elements are put together to create a custom look. These are customer designs and are easy to do.


When in Doubt  - Let us design for you.

Confused and overwhelmed by the options and variables? You don't have to come up with the perfect jersey design on your own. The designers at HK Sportswear are happy to assist with any level of the design process you need. From help converting a simple logo or using a custom font to a complete re-design for your entire uniform package. In most cases there is no charge for artwork or setup. 

 basketball jerseys with various designs

A youth basketball camp wanted some fun jerseys to represent their favorit schools. These were quick and easy designs to come up with and the kids loved them.

 hockey jersey with puck head design

A quick and easy design that we were happy to assist with. From simple to complex, no job is to big or too small.


A New Movement in the World of Dance

May 6, 2015 10:30:37 PM

There's a new movement in the world of dance - custom baseball jerseys. There's no doubt that baseball jerseys look great and have found their way into every aspect of the entertainment business - rappers like Kanye and Jay-Z can be seen sporting stylin' baseball jerseys from their favorite major league team or even threads that they've had customized to fit their exact needs. A full button baseball jersey with piping over a plain short or long sleeved t-shirt has a look that is striking and classic.  Movies like High School Musical and television shows like Glee have shown how the once cookie cutter face of dance performance can look with incredible production values. It's probably no surprise that a rise in the use of professional looking sports apparel like baseball jerseys are making their way on stage in national dance competitions.  Performers and choreographers are looking for something to edge out the competition and give their squad a unified look to hit a home run.

The choices and possibilities are limitless. Exciting new looks and styles in two button, full button, and even faux button jerseys which gives the look of a full button but doesn't have the gapping. The faux button jerseys are designed so that the top two buttons open and the others are sewn down making for a no hassle fit, no gap fit. In addition to the faux button jerseys there are dozens of other styles that are cut especially for a feminine fit. Women's softball jerseys are also available in a wide selection of colors, printed patterns like zebra stripes, multi color designs and all in moisture wicking technical fabrics that are designed to keep any athlete feeling as cool as they look. The current most popular look is either the pinstriped jersey or one with piping down the front and on the sleeves worn as part of a dance outfit. Add on accessories ranging from coordinated softball pants, polka dot, tye dye or star pattern socks, printed design and glitter headbands and you've got yourself a stunning outfit.

Once you've found the perfect style then you can decorate it with your groups logo or ensemble theme - logos, names and numbers are available in a wide range of colors. Mix and match colors to create a stunning and eye catching look. You can use online design tools to quickly preview an example of what the finished product will look like or you can have a talented artist convert your dance company logo or unique graphic to get just the look you desire.

HK Sportswear can help create the coolest and most cutting edge designs and custom tailor an outfit to fit your next competition or fulfill life's rich pageant. 





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Halloween is a great time of the year to express yourself, dazzle your friends with your creativity and step out of your everyday hum-drum life.  Why not turn your love of sports into a great Halloween costume that will dazzle you friends.  Sure you can go as your favorite athlete of today or yesteryear but why not think outside the box?  Here are just a few ideas from movie characters to monster mash ups.

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If you're like most people you have probably been confused when ordering clothing online.  This is especially difficult when ordering something that is customized.  Since custom online clothing have a no return policy on customized apparel it makes sense to make the sizing as straightforward and trouble free as possible.

To ensure correct sizing there are a few things to keep in mind.

  • Make sure there is a sizing chart for the product you are looking at.  While many online stores will have generic sizing charts that are supposed to cover everything on the website, the fact is that different clothing makers have different sizing.  You should be able to find a direct link to the sizing chart directly from the product page you're looking at.
  • Make sure you read the general sizing information and tips.
  • Use a pliable tailors' tape measure. If you don't have a tape measure you can use a string, belt, rope, etc -- Just make sure it doesn't stretch -- take your measurement, then hold it up to a ruler or construction type tape measure.
  • When measuring don't pull the tape measure tight - keep a loose hold on it for an accurate measurement.
  • Wear loose and light fitting clothing, nothing heavier than a light weight shirt or or bottoms.
  • For garment tops, relax your arms at the sides, measure around the widest part of the chest at the armpits, keeping tape parallel to the floor.  Measure twice to be sure.
  • For bottoms measure around the natural waistline where the waist of the pants will be.
  • Record your measurements and use the available size range on the product sizing chart.

Sports uniforms are intended for competitive game play unless otherwise noted.  If you consider the manner of game play it will help you understand how sports jerseys are designed and cut to fit actual game play. So take note of these other sizing considerations.

  • Since football is an intense contact sport, football uniforms tend to fit tighter with minimal material to grab onto and they are designed to allow for extra room in the shoulders for padding.  If you want to order a football jersey for casual wear keep this in mind.  You may want to go up a size for better fit. If you're a female this is especially true. For youth uniforms, the padding is notably bulkier in relation to the overall size of the person.  If worn with out the pads there will be extra material in the shoulders and they can appear blousey.
  • Soccer is a hands-off sport so soccer jerseys are unstructured with lighter weight material that fits comfortably and provides maximum cooling for the intensity of the game.
  • Baseball and softball have unique requirements and different levels of play. Since baseball is generally played on a dirt and grass field with short bursts of intense power, the uniforms need to allow for rugged contact with the surface with out tearing up the material or the players' body.  Less intense levels of play for youth leagues and some softball leagues have rules to allow for more casual game play and therefore a lighter weight t-shirt style jersey with a crew neck or two buttons that is more casual fitting can be worn.
  • For the most part, hockey in the north is played in cold ice arenas and during winter and players wear protective padding. Therefore hockey jerseys have more material to allow for this and they generally have better insulation properties.  For street and roller hockey a lighter weight mesh jersey should be opted for.
  • Basketball is an intense fast moving game where the ball is kept in motion along with the athletes so the uniforms for basketball need to provide excellent comfort and cooling. Tank tops and sleeveless jerseys are the norm along with moisture wicking performance materials that keep the player as cool and dry as possible.
  • Track and field events are generally played during summer months and require the athlete to expend maximum physical effort.  Track singlets and shorts are especially light weight to allow the athlete to concentrate on their performance.

These are just a few of the considerations to keep in mind when determining sizing.  Quality sports uniforms should be designed to allow for all of these particular factors.  If you're unsure of sizing or want to preview workmanship and material, especially if ordering a large quantity of custom uniforms, you should order a sample blank jersey in the middle of your size run to determine the best fit. A few extra dollars spent in preparation and planning can save hundreds of dollars and make all the difference.

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Fabric Descriptions - Football Jerseys.

Jun 19, 2014 2:59:05 AM

Steelmesh Fabric is Tough Enough To Withstand the Rigors of Football
Mini Mesh Fabric

If you look closely at Steelmesh you will see it's not really a mesh at all.  It's a solid material that is constructed of multiple layers of cross woven polyester fibers that perform many functions at once.

Strength - The cross woven fibers and special weave pattern allows the material to be pulled to the breaking point without stretching the material.

Durability - Steelmesh is made to be worn and worn and worn - It's nearly impossible to rip the colorfast dye is impregnentated in the material and provides years of brilliant color.

Performance - When combined with cutting edge performance fabrics like Lycra and Dazzle in performance enhancing designs, Steelmesh makes up the body of work in professional style football jerseys.

Comfort - The polyester material and special weave, wicks moisture from the body over a larger area where it can dry.  It's soft and comfortable on the inside.  The extra-thick material also is great for cooler climates.

If you're looking for tough game fabric that's also breathable and comfortable in a football jersey material then Steelmesh is an obvious choice.

150 Denier PolyTuff Mesh Offers Strength is Comfortable in Warm Weather
Mini Mesh Fabric
The large open hole mesh offers maximum ventilation in warm weather but works great over compression under garments in cooler weather. It's tough and durable and designed to provide long lasting wear and colorfast good looks. This is a classical throwback style of fabric that has stood the test of time. If you need a retro look or just need a tough fabric that will hold up to the rigors of the game then it's good all around choice.
Tricot Mesh Is Strong, Breathable and Comfortable
Mini Mesh Fabric
Tricot mesh material is made by utilizing warp-knit technology. The long fibers are sewn with cross hatched threads that are looped around each other. This gives tricot it's characteristic look and unsurpassed strength. Tricot mesh is available in denier weights from 70 to 100. The difference is the overall weight of the material. All weights provide excellent strength and breathablility. Smaller mesh openings allow excellent ventilation and moisture wicking comfort that allows the material to air dry quickly. 100% polyester material is solid dyed and colorfast for years of good looks and wearability.
Mini Mesh Fabric offers Lightweight Affordability  
Mini Mesh Fabric 

 When you want a good mix of comfort, breathability and affordability you should consider nylon mini mesh. 

This easy flowing material is ulra comfortable and gives a 10% mechanical stretch across the graing to allow added comfort and wearability.  Becasue of the lightweight features of mini mesh it can be somewhat see through.  However, if you double layer the material as you would for a reversible basketball jersey or 2 ply short it gives excellent coverage while still providing a very comfortable fit.  Nylon mini-mesh also works great as a lightweight material in hot climates for single ply basketball jerseys,  football practice jerseys and street hockey jerseys.

For washing, care and handling it is recommend that you machine wash cold, tumble dry low or dry flat and stretch to fit.

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