Create your own football jersey

Owning your own pro football team is a dream. However owning a fantasy football team can be a reality.  With just a little bit of an investment of time, some football know-how and keen strategy you can soon be the manager of the virtual football world.  With the popularity of the internet, fantasy football has gained widespread popularity with over 30 million online players.

So you want to play? It's not too hard to have fun and get your feet wet in fantasy football.  You'll need to pick a league, pick a team name, do your research and for the ultimate fantasy football fan -- design your own football jersey.

A league of your own.  There are many different fantasy football leagues out there.  Which one you choose will depend on your knowledge and comfort with football. You can go with a free site like Yahoo Sports Pro Fantasy Football Leagues to ESPN Fantasy to pay sites like RotoWorld Fantasy Sports or The Sporting News Fantasy Source. Pay sites can range from few dollars a month to hundreds of dollars a week but of course if you know your stuff you can win money. Pay sites also tend to offer more advice, guidance and support for the beginner.

Personalized Fantasy Football JerseysA rose by any other name.  Your fantasy football team name should reflect your style. You can go with a humorous name that makes fun of a player or team -- Austin-Tatious, Colt Following, Farve Dollar Footlong. Perhaps you aspire for a name that reflects your hopes -- The Prevailers, Victory, Champs.  Or maybe just something that speaks your personal style;  The Couch Potatoes, The Armchair Quarterbacks, The Tailgaters.

Choose your colors.  Now you're ready to build your fantasy football jersey.  What better way than to make your own custom football jersey in your team colors your favorite number and player names.  Perhaps you want Eli Manning on a green and gold Green Bay Packers jersey with Denver Broncos orange and navy lettering and a New England Patriots style font.  The choice is up to you. You pick the jersey, you choose the colors, you choose lettering and what goes on the jersey.