Before you decide on a football jersey you need to know what style of jersey it is, what use it is intended for and material it is made of.

Fan Wear Football Jerseys are Great for restaurant, bar, retail, business promos and events

If you want to design a custom football jersey that can be worn as a casual article of clothing you will want to determine if the jersey will accomodate this.  Many football jerseys are intended to be worn with full padding and designed to accomodate the needs of the players of the game.  This doesn't mean they won't work for everyday use, but you need to keep a few things in mind.  The overall fit of a game or pro-style jersey is going to be tighter so that extra flowing material cannot be grabbed by an opponent.  More room for padding in the shoulders also means the jersey can look sort of blousey when worn without padding.  Finally, keep in mind that game football jerseys are cut fairly straight from the chest down. This means that extra bulges whether from a bossum or a beer belly will not have a lot of room.  Consider going up a size but keep in mind the blousy affect.  You might consider a jersey custom football jersey that is designed to be worn as casual wear or fan jersey. Also unstructured practice jerseys also work well since they are normally looser fitting and more free flowing.


Football jerseys for flag and practice are versatile and offer comfort and performance

A custom football jersey for practice, flag and touch football is generally a lighter material, stretchy and made to be worn with minimum or no padding.  The most affordable of this category would be a scrimmage vest.  For less than ten dollars you can find a one size fits all for youth or adult.  Nothing fancy but it's something you can put a number on and order in a variety of colors to fit the minimum needs of a team.  For flag football the latest jerseys have velcro attachaments and are gathered at the waist to allow easy access and attachment of vinyl flags.



For the competitive Edge Pro Style football jerseys give you what the pros have.

For competitive game play a fully structured pro-style jersey is recommended.  These jerseys are designed to fit the needs of game play. Durable materials like Steelmesh and heavyweight Tricot Mesh offer the best in strength, durability, breathablility and moisture wicking benefits to keep you cool, dry and comfortable.  They are tailored to accomodate padding in the shoulders and chest but fit and athletic build.