Today's custom basketball uniforms feature a wide range of technical fabrics that maximize game play and are designed to provide additional features such breathability, strength and moisture management with wicking capabilities, odor control and excellent comfort.Fabrics such as CoolMesh and PerformanceTech have special fibers that are able to draw sweat away from the body by wicking it from the area of concentration to a wider area of the material. By dispursing the moisture over this larger area there is more contact with air allowing the fabric to dry quicker.These breathable fabrics work with our bodies cooling systems and allow sweat from inside the fabric to escape to the outside of the fabric and evaporate.Performance materials like FlexKnit and Performance Polyester use patented weaves and blends that allow the lightweight fabric to stretch and move easily while providing strength to withstand the rigors of game play

Mini Mesh Fabric swatch

Mini Mesh Fabric offers Lightweight Affordability

When you want a good mix of comfort, breathability and affordability you should consider nylon mini mesh. 

This easy flowing material is ultra comfortable and gives a 10% mechanical stretch across the graing to allow added comfort and wearability.  Becasue of the lightweight features of mini mesh it can be somewhat see through.  However, if you double layer the material as you would for a reversible basketball jersey or 2 ply short it gives excellent coverage while still providing a very comfortable fit.  Nylon mini-mesh also works great as a lightweight material in hot climates for single ply basketball jerseys,  football practice jerseys and street hockey jerseys.

For washing, care and handling it is recommend that you machine wash cold, tumble dry low or dry flat and stretch to fit

dazzle fabric swatch

Benefits of polyester Dazzle Fabric

When you want to have that impressive look on the basketball court, dazzle will let you stand out.  Most of the professional basketball uniforms you see are made with dazzle fabric.

This lightweight nylon fabric features corded textured and a soft subtle sheen. It flows freeley, has a soft hand feel, and is the choice of professionals for jerseys and shorts.

Dazzle basketball jersey material can also feature lightweight mesh inserts to allow additional breathability and enhanced fit.

cool mesh fabric swatch

Benefits of Cool Mesh Polyester Fabric

Cool mesh looks more like a natural cotton fabric but will dry faster and keep you cooler and is more stain resistant than cotton or cotton poly blends. It is an excellent choice for rigorous game play and has a great look and feel.

CoolMesh uses a Moisture Management system and multfilament technology that draws moisture away from the skin to the outer surface where it  quickly evaporates, leaving your skin cool, dry and comfortable.

red performanceTech swatch

Benefits of PerformanceTech Polyester Fabric

This all new material is light weight and specially woven to wick moisture away from the body. Easy flowing and comfortable on the court.

It has has a soft silky feel but is strong and durable. The appearnce is slightly shiny and completely solid. Not See trough.. 

Light to medium weight and not too bulky.

featherlyte polyester basketball jersey material

Benefits of FeatherLyte Polyester Fabric

FeatherLyte fabric is lightweight and breathable with advanced moisture management fabric.

The fabric is a good combination of lightweight material that is still durable enough to stand up to rigorous game play. . 

The appearance of the fabric has a medium luster and and it flows smoothly and feels soft and comfortable against the skin. This fabric is solid and not see through.

medium weight tricot mesh material

Benefits of Medium Weight Tricot Mesh Polyester Fabric

This medium weight fabric has the professional look of a proweight jersey but is soft and feels great for everyday use at work, on the couch or screaming from the bleachers.

This material does have an open mesh but is generally used as a reversible jersey so that two layers will provide enough coverage to appear solid. 

The weight is light to medium but when used as a reversible provides a medium weight jersey. Much less bulk than comparible fabrics and an excellent choice as a reversible.