There are many fabric options available for football jerseys and each one has unique properties and benefits to maximize your performance. You will want to select a jersey that is constructed of a material that will match your level of game play or intended use. Tough fabrics like Steelmesh are ideal for the full contact arena of tackle football but lightweight materials like FeatherLyte are better suited for causal fan shirts, restaurant work or other business promotions like fun runs and tradeshows.

SteelMesh fabric swatchSteelmesh Fabric is Tough Enough To Withstand the Rigors of Football

If you look closely at Steelmesh you will see it's not really a mesh at all.  It's a solid material that is constructed of multiple layers of cross woven polyester fibers that perform many functions at once.

Strength - The cross woven fibers and special weave pattern allows the material to be pulled to the breaking point without stretching the material.

Durability - Steelmesh is made to be worn and worn and worn - It's nearly impossible to rip the colorfast dye is impregnentated in the material and provides years of brilliant color.

Performance - When combined with cutting edge performance fabrics like Lycra and Dazzle in performance enhancing designs, Steelmesh makes up the body of work in professional style football jerseys.

Comfort - The polyester material and special weave, wicks moisture from the body over a larger area where it can dry.  It's soft and comfortable on the inside.  The extra-thick material also is great for cooler climates.

If you're looking for tough game fabric that's also breathable and comfortable in a football jersey material then Steelmesh is an obvious choice

steelmesh 2 fabric

Steelmesh 2 fabric has added Flexibility

The new Steelmesh 2 material has all the strength and durability as the original steelmesh but with added flexibility and stretch to help provide a snug fit while providing better range of motion.

This fabric has a matte finish and is solid in appearance.

Medium weight but very strong and durabe, Steelmesh stretches two ways for a superior fit and flexibility and a tighter more tailored fit.

The players choice, the coaches choice and your choice.

heavyweight tricot mesh fabric sample

Heavyweight Tricot Mesh Is Strong, Breathable and Comfortable

Tricot mesh material is made by utilizing warp-knit technology. The long fibers are sewn with cross hatched threads that are looped around each other. This gives tricot it's characteristic look and unsurpassed strength.

Tricot mesh is available in denier weights from 70 to 100. The difference is the overall weight of the material. All weights provide excellent strength and breathablility.

Smaller mesh openings allow excellent ventilation and moisture wicking comfort that allows the material to air dry quickly.

100% polyester material is solid dyed and colorfast for years of good looks and wearability.

tricot mesh fabric sample

Medium Weight Tricot Mesh Is Lighter weight, Breathable and Comfortable

This medium weight fabric has the professional look of a proweight jersey but is soft and feels great

Ideal choice for restaurant work, sports bar uniform, or other work environments where a fun sports oriented theme is a bonus.  Also great for sunday morning quarter backing, fantasy football jersey or fan shirt for sitting on the couch or screaming from the bleachers

Fabric has a medium to high luster sheen that has the look and feel of a professional football jersey but is comfortable for everyday use.

Durable easy care fabric is tough for a friendly game of football but is not intended for competitive team play.

featherlyte polyester basketball jersey material

Benefits of FeatherLyte Polyester Fabric

FeatherLyte fabric is lightweight and breathable with advanced moisture management fabric.

The fabric is a good combination of lightweight material that is still durable enough to stand up to rigorous game play. . 

The appearance of the fabric has a medium luster and and it flows smoothly and feels soft and comfortable against the skin. This fabric is solid and not see through.

An excellent choice for fan jerseys because it is closer to a t-shirt type material

sofTech Polyester swatchSofTech Moisture Wicking Polyester Fabric

This lightweight material has a soft comfortable feel. It flows like a performance t-shirt material and fits as comfortably as a t-shirt as well.

Ideal for restaurant work. Easy care fabric resists wrinkling and stains. Holds up best with 1 color printing but can accomodate 2 color vinyl lettering application.

Wicks moisture away from the body and helps you feel cool, comfortable and dry. Great for fun runs, walk-a-thons and every day football fan shirt.

Mini Mesh Fabric swatch

100% Nylon Mini Mesh

When you want a good mix of comfort, breathability and affordability you should consider nylon mini mesh. 

This easy flowing material is ultra comfortable and gives a 10% mechanical stretch across the graing to allow added comfort and wearability.  Becasue of the lightweight features of mini mesh it can be somewhat see through.  However, if you double layer the material as you would for a reversible basketball jersey or 2 ply short it gives excellent coverage while still providing a very comfortable fit.  Nylon mini-mesh also works great as a lightweight material in hot climates for single ply basketball jerseys,  football practice jerseys and street hockey jerseys.

For washing, care and handling it is recommend that you machine wash cold, tumble dry low or dry flat and stretch to fit

150 Denier Tricot Mesh fabric swatch150 Denier PolyTuff Mesh Offers Strength is Comfortable in Warm Weather 

The large open hole mesh offers maximum ventilation in warm weather but works great over compression under garments in cooler weather. It's tough and durable and designed to provide long lasting wear and colorfast good looks.

This is a classical throwback style of fabric that has stood the test of time.

If you need a retro look or just need a tough fabric that will hold up to the rigors of the game then it's good all around choice.