If you're like most people you have probably been confused when ordering clothing online.  This is especially difficult when ordering something that is customized.  Since custom online clothing have a no return policy on customized apparel it makes sense to make the sizing as straightforward and trouble free as possible.

To ensure correct sizing there are a few things to keep in mind.

  • Make sure there is a sizing chart for the product you are looking at.
  • While many online stores will have generic sizing charts that are supposed to cover everything on the website, the fact is that different clothing makers have different sizing.  You should be able to find a direct link to the sizing chart directly from the product page you're looking at.
  • Make sure you read the general sizing information and tips.
  • Use a pliable tailors' tape measure. If you don't have a tape measure you can use a string, belt, rope, etc -- Just make sure it doesn't stretch -- take your measurement, then hold it up to a ruler or construction type tape measure.
  • When measuring don't pull the tape measure tight - keep a loose hold on it for an accurate measurement.
  • Wear loose and light fitting clothing, nothing heavier than a light weight shirt or or bottoms.
  • For garment tops, relax your arms at the sides, measure around the widest part of the chest at the armpits, keeping tape parallel to the floor.  Measure twice to be sure.
  • For bottoms measure around the natural waistline where the waist of the pants will be.
  • Record your measurements and use the available size range on the product sizing chart.

Sports uniforms are intended for competitive game play unless otherwise noted.  If you consider the manner of game play it will help you understand how sports jerseys are designed and cut to fit actual game play. So take note of these other sizing considerations.

  • Since football is an intense contact sport, football uniforms tend to fit tighter with minimal material to grab onto and they are designed to allow for extra room in the shoulders for padding.  If you want to order a football jersey for casual wear keep this in mind.  You may want to go up a size for better fit. If you're a female this is especially true. For youth uniforms, the padding is notably bulkier in relation to the overall size of the person.  If worn with out the pads there will be extra material in the shoulders and they can appear blousey.
  • Soccer is a hands-off sport so soccer jerseys are unstructured with lighter weight material that fits comfortably and provides maximum cooling for the intensity of the game.
  • Baseball and softball have unique requirements and different levels of play. Since baseball is generally played on a dirt and grass field with short bursts of intense power, the uniforms need to allow for rugged contact with the surface with out tearing up the material or the players' body.  Less intense levels of play for youth leagues and some softball leagues have rules to allow for more casual game play and therefore a lighter weight t-shirt style jersey with a crew neck or two buttons that is more casual fitting can be worn.
  • For the most part, hockey in the north is played in cold ice arenas and during winter and players wear protective padding. Therefore hockey jerseys have more material to allow for this and they generally have better insulation properties.  For street and roller hockey a lighter weight mesh jersey should be opted for.
  • Basketball is an intense fast moving game where the ball is kept in motion along with the athletes so the uniforms for basketball need to provide excellent comfort and cooling. Tank tops and sleeveless jerseys are the norm along with moisture wicking performance materials that keep the player as cool and dry as possible.
  • Track and field events are generally played during summer months and require the athlete to expend maximum physical effort.  Track singlets and shorts are especially light weight to allow the athlete to concentrate on their performance.

These are just a few of the considerations to keep in mind when determining sizing.  Quality sports uniforms should be designed to allow for all of these particular factors.  If you're unsure of sizing or want to preview workmanship and material, especially if ordering a large quantity of custom uniforms, you should order a sample blank jersey in the middle of your size run to determine the best fit. A few extra dollars spent in preparation and planning can save hundreds of dollars and make all the difference.