Custom team uniforms give your team an upper hand. They turn heads, make your team look professional and strike fear in the competition. Custom baseball jerseys, designed in your colors, make a team united and show team spirit. Complete custom sport uniforms are available or you can mix and match the different elements that compose a baseball uniform and create your own unique look for your team.

bearcats custom baseball jersey scarlet with white piping

Generally, local baseball teams will try to find a sponsor, a small company that will proudly outfit your team with custom baseball jerseys, for their name on a portion of the jersey. This is a win-win for both you and your baseball, it helps to offset the cost of baseball jerseys and the local business shows their support of the community

Unique Ways to Raise Money for Custom Baseball Jerseys

Local business coupon books - Visit a variety of local businesses and ask if they will donate a coupon for a coupon book. This could be anything from 10% off at their store to a $10 pizza. A local print shop should be able to donate the printing and the team can sell each book for a set amount (normally $20-$40 each) to help raise money for their customized baseball jerseys.

Team Working Day - Build teamwork by doing team work. Imagine your entire hardworking team going door to door offering to perform household chores for cash. Baseball season perfectly coincides with spring cleaning projects and there are no shortages of lawns to be mowed, weeds to be pulled, gutters to be cleaned and foliage to be preened. Break up in teams of four and work different areas or tackle tough jobs together. Make sure you have a coach or booster as a team leader and coordinator for each team. Whether you set a price by the job or by the hour, your team could easily raise the funds for custom baseball jerseys in a few short Saturdays.

Then there are always the time-tested methods for raising cash: candy bar sales, car washes, bottle drives, and bake sales. Just remember that whatever method you decide to pursue, that you will be promoting teamwork and having fun while raising money you're your custom baseball jerseys.

When the team has raised enough money and you want to stretch your hard earned dollars, you will need to find an online uniform company to leaders like Teamwork Athletic Apparel, Badger, Flexfit, Champion and more, ensuring that your team wears only the best. Don't wait too long; Generally a custom baseball jersey take one to two weeks to ship and you don't want to miss the start of the season!