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Sunday armchair quarterbacks aren't the only ones who are wearing custom football jerseys. There are so many uses for this unique and self defining article of clothing that it's no wonder that people are including their love of the game of football into important aspects of their lives. But what about the biggest day of their life?

If you've managed to sack the love of your life and you both love football why not incorporate that passion into your wedding? You can do something as simple as a save the date card or go for a touchdown and make football the entire wedding theme.

Save the date Jerseys. Print up 5 x 7 postcards with you and your fiance on the front and the information on the back. Here's the kick - you order his & her jerseys. On one jersey you have the word "SAVE" and the month in place of the player name and number. Then on the other jersey you have "THE DATE" and the year. Take the pictures on a local football field, in front of your local stadium or even in front of a white wall, then photo shop your favorite football image in the background. It will be a unique reminder that will get replies.

football jerseys in black and pink for bachelorette party or football weddingFootball Bachelorette party ideas and bachelorette party. Why not set out for your last night of bachelorhood with your buddies dressed in custom football jerseys or custom t-shirts. You can adorn your garb with the message of the evening and keep everybody together. It will be a night you might not remember but you'll have proof that it existed.

The hail mary - a football wedding. It's a beautiful day on the football field. The bride is wearing a lovely white football jersey in stunning dazzle fabric. The groom looks dashing in his traditional black jersey in porthole mesh. The wedding party is wearing navy blue and orange jerseys. On the front of all of the jerseys are the bride and groom's name in athletic script lettering and on the back of each jersey are the wedding party positions - bride, groom, best man, maid of honor. Sure, their love is greater than their love for the Denver Broncos but that doesn't mean that they have to ignore their first love. Later the party will proceed to the parking lot for a tailgating reception complete with nachos, chili and beer. For less than the price of many bridal gowns you can have a football themed wedding that will be a huge hit with your friends and hopefully your in laws. Remember that the day is yours and you should make it your own.

picture of football jersey for signingTurn your guestbook into an autographed jersey. Design a custom football jersey in your wedding colors with the name of the bride and groom. Have the guests sign the jersey using non-bleeding paint pens and then frame the jersey for an attractive keepsake.

Gifts for the wedding party. This is always a tough decision. What to get the groomsmen? Why not a custom football jersey to go along with the theme of the wedding? Even if you don't want to incorporate the full football genre for your wedding they will make a fun and practical keepsake.

However you want to celebrate your wedding is up to you. Be sure that you make it your own and have fun. Remember that this day is about you and your soon to be spouse and will reflect how you want to spend the rest of your lives together. So why not incorporate some things you love about the game of football. Making custom football jerseys for your event has never really been easier. There are lots of online uniform designers that make it fun and easy to setup your jerseys just the way you want. You can pick from several styles, materials and colors of jerseys along with different lettering styles, layouts, text colors and more. So check out the options, discuss your plans and have fun


Black jersey with gold lettering

bride football jersey in white black and silver  white jerseys with navy blue lettering and save the date printed football and soccer jerseys for football weddingblack and gold football jerseys for weddingfootball and referee shirts for bachelorette partypink and white teamwork gameday shirtsSave the date jerseys on teamwork football jerseysmajor team football jerseys in scarlet red gold and white