Sizing and Fitting Guide

Sizing - Sports Uniforms Finding the correct Size


1. Navigate to the page of the product you're interested in.


sizing step 1
  2. Under the product details; (picture of product, description & prices), you'll see a row of blue hover tabs.


3. Click on the Sizing tab and the sizes will display in the right side window.
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Sizing Tips and Guides

Chest Measurement


With arms relaxed at sides, measure around the widest part of the chest at the armpits, keeping the tape parallel to the floor.

Waist Measurement



Additional sizing information

Most Sports Uniforms are Tailored For Competitive Game Play.

Most of our sports jerseys are not designed to be worn as casual wear. While many will work as all-around apparel, some sports like football, lacrosse and hockey have room for padding, while other sports like soccer, baseball and track allow for looser fitting garments that provide more breathability.
Follow the measuring instructions carefully for the best results. Youth versus Adult Football Jerseys

How to Measure Chest Size

Measure Chest Diagram
  1. Measure Over Undergarments
    • Wear loose fitting clothing when doing your measurements.
    • A loose shirt or t-shirt will work well during this proces
    • Check to make sure the clothes are not too tight or too loose, as both could affect the accuracy of your measurements
  2. Stand Up Straight and Relax
    • Stand up straight and tall with your head held high, relax your stomach and try to breathe normally during the measurement
  3. Measure the Widest Part of the Chest, Under the Arms
    • Raise your arms slightly.
    • Have a friend place the tape measure high under your arms, around the widest part of your chest.
    • Bring the other end of the tape to zero and hold in place
    • Once in place, you can put your arms back down. Hold in a relaxed fashion.
  4. Breath Normally
    • Pull the tape measure snug.
    • As you breathe normally, have your friend place one finger between your chest and the tape
    • This will keep the tape from being too taut and ensure the measurement is not too small.
  5. Keep Tape Measure Level to the Floor then Round Up
    • Level the tape measure and keep it parallel to the floor before recording the measurement.
    • If it falls between two numbers, round up to the nearest half-inch
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