A brief summary of the pricing for custom lettering options.

Lettering Prices and Placement Details

Large or Small Name Team or Player Name $4.50 Large Name Word(s) will be approx. 2-3" high and up to 14" long (10" on youth) and made to fit on narrow garments like basketball tanks. 
Clipart/Baseball Tail $10.50 Add Artwork, Clipart, Tail Clipart includes small, large or arched name. A traditional baseball tail is added to the end of the last letter. We will size and hand fit the artwork to fit across the seam and accommodate for buttons and braiding. 
Front Left Chest Initial $3.50 Left Chest Initial A single 3-4" initial will be added to the left chest area.
Front Left or Right Chest or Torso $3.50 Left Chest, Right Chest or Torso Number Numbers will be 3-4" high depending on the size of the garment.  2 number maximum.
Full Front or Back Number $4.50 Large Number on Front or Back Numbers will be 6-8" high depending on the size of the garment, other placement options and type of sport.  2 number maximum.
Arched Name Front or Back $8.00 Arched Name Available on front or back name. Name will be arched up 22%.
Reverse Lettering $2.25-$4.50 Reverse Lettering Names or numbers will be printed on the reverse side of the jersey in selected color. Lettering is 50% off the price of the outside of the jersey.
Outlined Name and or number. $3-$10.50 Outlined Name A 3/16" - 1/4" outline is added to selected items on the jersey. Pricing is double the base price. For example - if you want a Mid Chest Name outlined, then the price would be $8.50. Contact us to make arrangements for outlines.


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